One of the aspects that add value and beauty to your home is the floor selection. A floor designed with the correct materials will ensure that the decor you implement on your living space looks the best.
Of course, the size of the space and its exposure to sunlight are among the most important factors that you must consider when choosing floor material.
Solid parquet options are among the most preferred floor alternatives since they are robust, durable, produced from hardwoods, and provide heat and sound insulation. On the other hand, unnatural laminate parquet, which is produced from wood with its hard surface, can be preferred due to its price and its appearance similar to wood. Marble floors are more compatible with the classic style. 
If you prefer natural products, you can evaluate the oldest floor coating in history, that is, solid parquet options. The color of your parquet varies according to the type of wood used; if you apply it to a wide space, you might also prefer dark colors. Since it is compatible with all kinds of decor styles, solid parquet can be implemented with all sorts of areas, whether classic, modern, or minimalist.


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