life into buildings

Our unique vision stamps our mark of difference on all our constructions.

Nef, created in 2010, is a brand of Timur Holding working, not in square-metres but rather in square-centimetres. Our aim is to be a brand designing finely thought-out, quality living space for people. Setting out to create its life-giving and indispensible oeuvres just like the breath we take, Nef is engaged in a number of different lifestyle and design projects.

With its series of 7 finely thought-out designs for homes, offices, suites, apartments, flats, dorms and residences, Nef is distinct from all other projects currently under execution. With our projects and patented inventions such as Foldhome and Foldoffice, set to appear at world design fairs from 2011 onwards together with the products of the world’s most important designers, our aim is to make design, no longer a luxury, but rather an essential part of people’s way of life.


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  • Nef Flats Levent 163
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  • Nef Bebeköy
  • Nef İKİ Haliç
  • Nef Kağıthane 11

In all of the six projects following on from one-another, Nef proceeds according to a distinct logic stressing the features of “fine attention to detail” and “quality design”. These principles are reflected in every detail of every project undertaken by Nef.


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The World of Nef Discoveries

Nef aims to present efficient, ergonomic and sustainable living-spaces, designed and developed with a passionate attention to detail and with an eye on the variety of lifestyles that exist. Working not with square-metres but square-centimetres, and designing subtly-considered spaces evincing exceptional attention to detail, Nef is able to present buildings that far exceed current design expectations.

All of Nef’s projects feature our patented Nef Foldhome system. Creating big solutions for a shrinking world and offering the best ideas for the art of effective living at low prices and with easy access, Foldhome simply makes life that much easier.

With the Foldhome system, when you purchase a 1+1 home, you are actually able to enjoy all the beNefits of a 24-room home. Foldhome is a “living unit” prepared in every project according to an analysis of the needs and expectations of the target customer.

Nef pays absolute attention to detail on all its projects, including Foldhome, and this is reflected in every detail of the living spaces we create. Believing passionately in the importance of finely considered details and working meticulously, Nef works, on Foldhome units just as with all our other projects, with the world’s most important designers.

In every detail of these projects lies a different perspective and a unique solution because a great number of different designers are engaged with each project and they work with the spaces they choose themselves. With consideration given to every detail, even those not normally given consideration on other projects, such as the design of the door handles or the music played in the elevator, Nef’s approach of finely-detailed design as art is bringing a new dimension to the concept of housing in Turkey.

Another Nef discovery; the Foldoffice system: Office life is one of the most important parts of living in a big city. A large chunk of our time, for most of us, is spent in the office or en route commuting between our office and our home. Although young professionals, for whom the office constitutes a significant investment, constitute a far from insignificant part of the population in Istanbul, there are still not adequate alternatives in this area.

The available office space, which addresses only up to 8% of the demand, is made up of spaces of 300 m2 and above, aimed at accommodating companies employing large numbers of personnel. However, 92% of workplaces employ 10 or fewer people and feel a need for a smaller office space of 80-100 m2. As it is impossible to find small-area office-space in plazas, companies are forced to seek accommodation in infrastructurally-inadequate residential apartments.

Nef, by catering to the needs of both the 92% requiring smaller office space and the 8% requiring a larger area, is capable of meeting the demands of the 100% because, with Nef, an 80 m2 office space can, if desired, be converted into larger offices through combining. Thus, whether a small company of ten people or a large corporation employing hundreds, with Nef Offices, every size of workplace can find its own dimensions.

Although the existing offices in large plazas are unable to meet international standards, per m2 price amounts to $25-30 and occupant dues paid to the plaza, on average, to $7-11 per m2. As the space in square metres goes down, these expenses rise up to an average of $35 per m2.

Nef however, with its Foldoffice system, is able to keep these costs to a minimum and offers office solutions that meet the existing high demand, especially for small m2 areas, and which are not only of a global standard and highly efficient, but also come at a much more reasonable price.

Secure Commitment System: Nef’s most recent project, Nef Kağıthane 11, is the sole project which utilizes our Secure Commitment System, currently being implemented for the first time in Turkey. Prior to commencing sales or construction of the project, all the expenses for the work are, on the basis of the feasibility study carried out, extracted from our own resources, deposited in a bank account and blocked. Thus, in this way, the completion of the construction is guaranteed from the very first day of the project with no obligation to sell. Reducing the investors risk to zero, the Secure Commitment System is much superior, with regard to security, to the Build-Sell system of the 1990’s or the Sell-Build systems that became standard after 2004 and is set to become the alternative system of the new era.

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