A Brilliant Season: Championship Celebration with NEF

Nef, as the sponsor of FC Barcelona, Galatasaray and Karaçay Youth Sports Club, is delighted at three different championships this year.

A life-style means to have a holistic world view with the same quality for all aspects of life. Quality of life observes a common point of view not only about our houses but also about every single field of interest; our beloved ones, hobbies, colors, books we read and so on.

Details we have ambitious for, are what make us as ourselves and also improve us. Things we feel attached to firmly, whatever they are, add happiness to our lives. That’s what we believe.

We have been living a different kind of happiness this year. As a brand that has become popular by not only high standards we created for living spaces but also because of our support for sports, we have three good news for you: As Nef team, we have been increasing brand equity gradually through qualified and assertive cooperations and nowadays we are in the limelight as a result of our success as well as our sponsorship activities took place in May.

Prospering Cooperation Between Football Teams and Nef

We have kept contributing to social development and global promotion of Turkey since the day we signed the main sponsorship agreement up with Galatasaray, one of the most important Turkish football clubs, in 2016. We like to come together with the names of high profile like we, ourselves.

Afterwards, we signed sponsorship agreement also with FC Barcelona which is admitted as the world’s most important football team. By this way, we carried out the idea of supporting not only Turkish sports but also world’s best football clubs. Third; we assumed sponsorship of Karaçay Youth Sports Club, known as the “Team of Hope” in Turkey.

Three Sponsorships – Three Championships

As the sponsor of all three football teams, we feel proud to hear the championship news came from them: FC Barcelona, Karaçay Youth Sports Club and Galatasaray. We congratulate Karaçay Youth Sports Club, FC Barcelona and Galatasaray for becoming champion, respectively. Being a part of this success is invaluable!

Football season ended with great celebration made by millions of football fans. Both as A as well as U-19 team, Karaçay Youth Sports Club was crowned champion during the first year of our sponsorship. As a team established by young people with the aim of getting children and young people away from harmful habits and also of raising healthy and educated generations, Karaçay Youth Sports Club has a special importance.

Secondly, as one of the legend teams, FC Barcelona declared its championship while there were three more weeks to the end of the league season. The joy felt by Barcelona team as well as by it’s fans for the twenty-sixth time, has been spread around the world. Finally Galatasaray declared it’s championship for the twenty-second time in Turkey. It won against Medipol Başakşehir at Başakşehir’s stadium with a 2-1 score. With this score Galatasaray became champion while there was still one more week to the end of the season. We made a wonderful start to summer.

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23.08.2019 - Nef'ten Haberler