Change Your Living Space: 2020 Decoration Trends

Time is flowing fast and trends are changing with the same speed. We have analyzed the decoration trends of 2020 in living spaces.

New Year is always the best time for new beginnings. You need to start them from living spaces. With 2020 decoration trends, you can better reflect your personality in your living spaces and turn your home into a modern look.

Since one of the biggest problems of this age is stress, 2020 home decoration trends are mainly based on peace and calmness themes. While sporty decoration was popular in recent years, colorful decorations are trending in 2020. Curtains, carpet patterns, natural wood and mosaic patterns...

We have looked through 2020 decoration trends for you. Let’s start if you are ready. Here are the details emphasized in 2020 home decoration.

Curved and Neotenic Forms

In 2020 home decoration trends, dynamic attractiveness and fluid curved surfaces and rounded designs are visible. Especially, we can say that we will see neotenic furniture and accessories in the new year.

The neotenic concept that we will hear frequently among 2020 decoration trends means the cute and childish look of the design. These designs refer to our childhood and evoke nostalgic feelings.

Sophisticated and Black Kitchen

The black color is attractive in new generation kitchen design. Especially black marble is preferred in countertops. These marbles are completed with matte polished black wooden cupboard doors and black surfaces.

Additionally, black creates a harmonious look with white ceramic tiles on the walls and are emphasized in furniture selection. The signs of a sustainable approach are visible in the new kitchen forms that form a harmony with natural materials. So, it is time to eliminate all the boring and excess furniture that makes your eyes tired.

Neo-Mint Color

“Neo-mint” color is shining among 2020 decoration colors. Neo-mint is a gender-neutral color that represents nature and gives a sense of freshness to the environment.

Experts associate this color with modernism and nature, and say that neo-mint color will be frequently used in 2020 interior design. Sky blue, pink, purple, earth tones and mustard yellow are among 2020 home decoration colors.

Wall Panels and Decors

In today’s world with accelerating life and work tempo, elements from work life are included in home decoration. Wall panels, patterns and motifs that are more familiar in the office environment are among 2020 home decoration trends.

Geometric Carpets and Patterns

New carpet designs with geometric forms and different patterns are the other details shining among 2020 decoration recommendations. With unique motifs and geometric illusions, carpets are transforming into an artistic expression.

Carpet models with attractive color combinations and unusual patterns are decorating the surfaces.

Love Towards Living Systems: Biophilia Trend

Biophilia is defined as love towards living systems. According to biophilia, humanity and nature have thousands of years of common past, and it is believed that this common past leads to an intrinsic connection.

Experts say that including green and nature more in our lives makes us feel better. Biophilia trends among 2020 home decoration ideas emphasize the importance of plants, green walls as well as gardens, terraces and balconies that enable us to spend more time in an open area.

In short, biophilia trend is inviting nature to our home. Accordingly, we will open more space for plants and green in our living space in 2020.

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05.02.2020 - Decoration