Get inspired by the Nature: How to furnish with country-style decoration?

Country-style decoration reflects peaceful attractiveness of nature in your living spaces. In this article, we look over the tips of country-style decoration and how to implement that style.

Why don’t you feel yourself inside an American film stage and get refreshed by pastoral breezes? You don’t need to move to a farmhouse or a cottage to breathe the relaxing comfort of the nature.

You can reflect natural appeal on your niche by country style represented mostly in chequered, flowered and coloured motifs. If you are yearning for the touches of nostalgia, the fascination of woodwork and rustic furniture, then country style is just for you!

Shall we help you how to get free of stressful urban life and to get embraced by the nature? Well, let’s start to go through the clues for country decorating style.

What is Country Style Decoration?

Country decorating style is known as the stylish home decorating approach in which pastel colours stand out with shabby chic furniture painted in a modernized way, giving the impressions of nature ornamented with local patterns. It is a good alternative particularly for the people who get bored of ordinariness as country style comes out to transfer the comfort of magnificent nature to apartments and houses.

How is Country Style Decorating?

Country-style home decoration is recognized by the use of unsophisticated elements which create an ambiance. To indicate that more, metal elements are replaced by wooden furniture. Baskets, flowerpots, colourful objects, quilts and pile carpets are the characteristics of country home accessories.

It is to know that the secret lies under how you combine local motifs with modern caress in a harmonized way. Let’s go on with the steps to apply this style at home.

●Large and Nostalgic Furniture

In recent years, low chair and sofa designs are preferable due to trending minimalism approach. However, you should use more vintage or refinished furniture of classic style. Large and spacious sofas and armchairs that look like much comfortable represent this chic decoration style. You can prefer flowery patterns on your armchair sets as well as simple motifs.

●Earth Colours

You can choose sofas and home accessories in earth-like colours. To reinforce the ambiance, you can use fabric drapery of similar tones as window curtains. It is recommended to show the nature-lover in you via wallpapers and wooden shelves accompanying with the concept.

●Romantic Touches

In country-style decoration, you are recommended to harmonize the colour white, representing freshness, with softened curves of flowers and pinkish colours. You can reflect the pastoral breeze via small details like tin lanterns, vases, pillows and wall fittings while keeping the harmony with your country style furniture.

●Dark Parquet, Light Walls

The crucial details to complete the warm atmosphere of country style home are light coloured walls and light ceiling paints. In country decoration, white and crème-beige colours should be preferred for wall painting while dark parquet flooring is selected to create contrasting effect.

●Hanging Lights

Another eye-catching country feature is rush mat hanging lights. To enhance the ambiance, you can use rush hanging lights or lanyard pendant lighting designed in a distinctive manner.

Country Kitchen: Appealing Woodwork

It is possible to enlarge your home preference of vintage style wooden furniture to kitchen areas as well. Kitchen table and chairs selected in woodwork colour or in lighter tones build up a fresh and peaceful environment in your kitchen.

Country Bedroom: Preferring Crème and White

In order to create a country-style bedroom, vintage furniture is the perfect choice. Crème, beige and white colours make up the ambiance. Bed clothing in light pink or powder colour linen having lace finishing complete that country ambiance. In addition, using vase or painting accessories emphasize the vividness of the nature and creates the ultimate effect.

Harmonizing with the Nature

In a country-style living room, three-dimensional plants and flower patterns are widely preferred. In that way, home decoration blinks at the pastoral habitat. Natural stone wall cladding also generates an elegant look in your living room. Applying stone wall tiles is a characteristic of country style but you should be aware of using minimal number of furniture in your living room.

To establish a country-style decor, simple and naturalistic environment is needed in a living room, thus you should avoid bright colours and exaggerated home accessories.

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