How to Create a Mediterranean Style Home Decoration: Warm Living Spaces

Mediterranean style home decoration stands out with its calm, natural and comfortable characteristics. In this article, we will go over the Mediterranean style and give tips about how to bring the Mediterranean spirit to your living spaces.

When you think of the peaceful atmosphere of the Mediterranean, the blue sea and the greeneries, you feel refreshed, right? How would you like to bring the wonderful harmony of white and blue to your living spaces and experience the Mediterranean breezes all the time?

Mediterranean style home decoration is a style that is common in Greece, Italy, Spain, and many North African countries. In this article, we will take you to the natural and peaceful areas of the Mediterranean and make you feel the breeze of the sea at home.

Mediterranean Style Decoration: Warm Living Spaces That Spreads Happiness

Warm Living Spaces

Mediterranean style home decoration, as the name suggests, is inspired by the traditional architecture, vegetation and cultural characteristics of countries that have a coast to the Mediterranean. Mediterranean style natural wood surfaces, white walls, Aegean style blue facades, colorful ceramics, red tile roofs, stone walls, and pine or palm trees are among the most used decoration items.

In this decoration style, classic rustic decoration details can be found as well as simple and modern designs. Let's have a more detailed look and give examples for the decoration of your living space.

Serene Harmony of White and Blue

Serene Harmony

In Mediterranean style home decoration, the peaceful and calming harmony of white and blue is indispensable. The combination of these colors makes you feel that you are on the Aegean coast where the wind blows from the sea and makes you remember the holiday memories.

You can use the shades of blue that accompany white easily everywhere. You can reach the style and comfort at the same time by preferring the sofas, carpets, accessories and throw pillows with the blue tones.

Stone Walls, Wooden Ceilings

Stone walls are one of the most popular and widely used decoration elements in the Mediterranean style both outdoors and indoors. The old stone buildings located on the Aegean coast of Turkey and Greece are the main reason for this type of walls to be considered as a Mediterranean-style decoration element.

Back in time, these types of walls were built with the local stones. Although this is not as common as before, today the use of stone walls is still extremely popular. Additionally, Mediterranean style wooden ceilings are frequently seen as a complementary element of the decoration.

Eye-Catching Beauty of Terracotta Floors

Another common characteristic of the Mediterranean style home decoration is the terracotta floor tiles. The terracotta floors, which we come across especially in Portuguese and Spanish-type buildings, are sometimes combined with ceramic tiles to create an eye-catching beauty.

Wrought Iron Details

Elements such as railings, window grills, tables, and chairs made of wrought iron are beautiful details reflecting the Mediterranean spirit. In these details, traditional motifs expressing the Mediterranean theme such as vine leaves, grapes, and olive branches are also frequently used for finalizing the touch.

You can also create a stunning ambiance by combining stone walls, stone floors and ceramic pots with wrought iron details.

Wide Panoramic Windows

Wide Panoramic Windows

Another remarkable characteristic of the Mediterranean style is the large windows that bring the outside view into the house and the extending glass doors. Thanks to these large windows or glass doors, you can combine the indoor space with the outdoor space and you can feel like you are on the refreshing Mediterranean shores.

You can also have the chance to benefit from natural daylight for longer hours with the help of these large windows and glass doors.

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