Small Touches in Your Living Space: Inspirational Winter Decoration Ideas

Seasonal transitions are one of the most ideal times to make small changes in living space decorations. In this article, we will talk about how to prepare your home in winter and we have provided winter decoration recommendations.

Summer is behind us and cold weathers are at our doorstep. In summer, spacious and cool interior spaces with less furniture are preferred in general; however, when it comes to winter, things change a bit.

When you get back from your work, school or any place with feeling cold, you want your living space to welcome you warmly. Additionally, there is nothing like romantic moments during winter in a warm environment.

In this article, we will provide recommendations for comfortable and peaceful winter decorations. Now, let’s create an atmosphere to keep the cold air outside, and prepare your home to winter.

- Make Light Colored Touches on Your Walls

Since winter is dark, cold and gloomy, you can turn your walls into lively and bright colors. You can prefer light colours to turn your darker rooms with less sunlight into spacious and bright spaces.

White tones on your walls will help you emphasize your furniture. Thus, your room can have an extra chic look. You can choose furniture that creates different color contrasts with your light colored walls, and thus, have a trendy look in your living space.

- Reflect the Warmth of Wood on Your Living Space

Wood has a unique texture and smell. Wooden touches in your living space can carry the spirit of nature to your home and keep the stress away. With wooden furniture, accessories and details, your home can have a warm and stylish look.

If you are happy with your furniture and do not want to change them with wood, you can place aesthetic looking wooden accessories to different places at home and turn your living space into a more enjoyable area.

- Prefer Wooly Accessories

You can take your woolly accessories out from your closet, and let them create a warm and sincere atmosphere in your living space on cold winter days. Plush, wooly and soft accessories are the only stuff that will give a sense of warmth in your living space for winter days.

For example, you can add a white or light grey plush blanket on your seating group or you can use these types of accessories in your home decoration. Also, small and soft pillows on your seating group will increase your comfort in your living space.

- Use Chic Carpet Models

One of the must-haves of winter is chic and aesthetic carpet types. Carpets are the main details that add a difference to our homes in terms of both decoration and functionality, especially on cold winter days.

Of course, when you are selecting carpets for the cold days, we recommend you choose thicker and softer carpets with higher isolation effect. You can use beautiful velvet, wool, silk and cashmere carpet models for your living spaces.

- Buy Decorative Candles and Candelabra for Winter Romance

Using small decorative candles and candelabra for winter months is ideal to create a romantic ambience at home. It is suitable to use candles especially to create a warm, welcoming and peaceful atmosphere.

Candles that illuminate our garden tables or balconies during summer will reflect an enjoyable romanticism in our home, living room or television room during winter.

- Create a Winter Garden

If you are living in big cities or metropoles, you might not have a garden due to the space use. But this does not mean that you cannot have an attractive winter garden in a part of your home.

If you have a closed or windowed balcony, things will be easier for you. You can create an amazing atmosphere by placing green plants and ceiling plant hangers to a corner of this space. If you do not have such a balcony, you can put the plants in front of any window that has sunlight, and create a peaceful winter corner.

We complete our article with this recommendation. If you want to continue reading, you can check our “Making Small-Scale Living Spaces More Spacious” article.

27.12.2019 - Decoration
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