The Most Recent Four Housing Space Designs All Over the World

Note the most recent designs all over the world. Enjoyable, colorful and different four sofa sets are discovered in this text.

The contributions of creative minds to human life increase day by day. Advanced technology revolution makes up wonderful things when combined with new approaches, new experiences and the unlimited nature of the human mind. It is so the same in the world of decorations.

The new product designs by globally famous designers and well-known brands, emerging from their exemplary studios of quality change our perspectives on the home design industry. Via our four product analyses from all over the world, we will witness the use of technology, creativity, and design together.

Design talents of those four timeless models inspired by varying sources steer the future of sitting area elements with a variety of sofa sets, armchair sets, single armchairs, and pouf sits. The products were on display during the Milano Furniture Week, which is the pulse of the furnishing design industry, respond to the question of ¨What is a design?¨ Let’s explore the most recent forms of always preferred sitting space elements among the embellishing home design products.

Some Courage and We Have ‘Flawless’

Evan Fay, a designer from Detroit, draws the attention with his brain wave design which appears meaningless at first. The most recent outcome of his different and authentic world is called ¨Flawless¨, which includes armchair sets signed by complicated forms.

With his elegant, different but totally courageous design, Evan Fay showed up at 2019 Milano Design Week. The armchair is covered with a very soft fabric tilled on a metallic unit. The touch gives you the feeling of the foam. The velvety fabric keeping the foam-like mousse stable is called ¨Neoprene¨.

High tuning of two contrasting but attracting elements - solid and soft materials leads to a comfortable, aesthetic and modern design of art in ¨Flawless¨ armchairs. Its cobalt blue color is considered as a reference to the power of technology. Not only the single armchair but the other sitting components such as pouffes and banks are also included in the collection with their diverse colors.

¨Arcade¨ Collection Fulfilling the Longing for Childhood Years

This time, we are pronouncing a collection called ¨Arcade¨ with the signature of Note Design Studio in Stockholm. The designers’ team has started the journey to remind the users of their childhood days. The pouffe collection, referring to the years when we used to play with various blocks like lego pieces in general, gets inspired by the arch form.

The collection produced for a globally known furniture brand Zilio A&C has earned the latest model after so many trials. Being designed by the use of each arch-like pattern piece as a whole, these puffed units can make up a wonderful collection in pairs or triples as well. In this sense, the Arcade model is compatible with the trend to use functional or modular furniture.

Note Design Studio prefers to feature the aesthetics in this model by avoiding dark colors and benefiting more attractive colors, instead. The material used is based on the hard cloth covering the wooden structure to create a firm and rich vision. Resilient foam polyurethane material underlines a full body and puffed appearance. This signatory model reviving the inner child of the design industry also demolishes the cliché color perception for indoor decorations.

Are You Ready for a Journey to the World of Fairy Tales with ¨OOPS¨?

What do you think about ¨Godilocks and three Bears¨, a world-renowned fairy tale from 19th century Britain? One of the children brought up with the adventures of three peaceful bears in the woods becomes inspired by this fairy tale one day, and designs this furnishing product.

Pierre Yovanovitch proves to have a distinct and lively perspective by his sofa collection named ¨OOPS¨. This collection model comprising armchairs, pouffe sits and chairs have been concluded by French designer’s scrutinized efforts.

After careful and precise work with skillful masters selected from all over Europe, the designer has produced ¨Bear¨ armchairs in three different sizes. The names of armchairs are amusing as they are called ¨Papa Bear¨, ¨Mama Bear¨, and ¨Baby Bear¨. The ¨OOPS¨ collection is also distinctive with this message it attends.

A Gentle and Lively Italian: ‘Roxanne’

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the delicate taste of the 1970s, aesthetic forms and characteristic colors of the time are still among favorite styles of the world of decorations. If we had considered this style together with Italian luxury, there would be a result just like ¨Roxanne¨.

The popular Italian brand of furniture called Gufram has cooperated with Michael Young, a designer as popular as the brand, and such a fantastic collection has emerged. The design called Roxanne twinkles from the 1970s. This indispensable collection of hotels and restaurants in the designer’s dreams attracts people by its functionality. The tiny cavities on both sides of the model reflect a small detail where you can put your personal belongings.

Michael Young seems to have the inspiration of the entertainment atmosphere of those years by entitling the model ¨Roxanne¨ as the name refers to the so-called song by famous band ¨The Police‘. The model stands very practical and functional in use, just like the colorfulness of disco culture. Its coziness is also assertive by the style.

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