Story of Nef

We Give Breath to Structures

We know that the only thing that we cannot do without is “breath”. We believe that the places we live in must give life to the occupants, and every breath we take must bring us with happiness. For this reason, we design each project carried out since 2010 not in square meters, but in square centimeters, and build carefully elaborated living spaces, which give breath to people as an indispensable aspect of life.

Until today, we have created solutions according to different lifestyles and needs, presented projects in different concepts such as houses, offices, suites, flats, dorms, and residences by shaping our projects accordingly. We included design in living quarters by making design a way of life for people, rather than a luxury. We attended widely acclaimed international design fairs with world-famous architects who we worked with in our projects, and the Nef discoveries Foldhome and Foldoffice.

We will continue developing projects based on elaborate thinking and solutions that bring happiness. Because the most valuable thing we have is life itself. We believe that it must be designed in the best way possible.

Timur Holding

Always One Step Ahead

Timur Holding produces projects beyond the set standards in various cities in Turkey in addition to Mersin, by focusing on elaborate thinking and design.

Carrying out business in the iron-steel, fuel oil, and land development sectors since 1977, Timur Holding continues to grow rapidly with its activities in the energy, logistics, construction, technology, and tourism sectors.

Timur Holding, which has carried out construction projects of more than 200,000 m2 to date, created projects valued at $350 million in the many sectors in which it works, and particularly in land development projects.

Nef Awards


  • Capital “Turkey’s Most Popular Companies 2016” survey – Sectoral leader in “Construction / Real Estate” category

  • Altın Örümcek Web Awards 2016 – “Best Website” First Prize for İnistanbul Topkapı

  • Altın Örümcek Web Awards 2016 – “Best Website” Second Prize for

  • Red Best in Press Awards – “Best Residence Project Advertisement” (Nef advertisements – 2 Red & 1 achievement award)

  • European Business Awards 2016 – Special Jury Award for “Best Growth Strategy” - First Place in Europe

  • Best Business Awards 2016 – “Best Enterprise” Award

  • Best Business Awards 2016 – “Best Marketing Campaign” Award (Nef Seyrantepe 39)

  • Real Estate Starts 2016 – Company with Most Residence Projects

  • Real Estate Starts 2016 – Second place in “Companies with Highest Number of Residence Sales in Turkey” category

  • Real Estate Starts 2016 – Second place in “Companies with Highest Income from Residence Sales in Turkey” category

  • Stevie Awards 2016 – Bronze Award in “Company of the Year” category

  • Gamechangers Turkey 2016 – “Best Marketing Strategy” Award

  • Gamechangers Turkey 2016 – “Best Brand” Award

  • Gamechangers Turkey 2016 – “Best Marketing Strategy” Award

  • Sign Of The City Awards 2016 – “Best Housing” Award (Nef Apartments Kemerburgaz 04)

  • Sign Of The City Awards 2016 – “Best Residence” Award (Nef Ataköy 22)

  • Sign Of The City Awards 2016 – “Best Office” Award (Nef Offices Kağıthane 11)

  • International Corporate Social Responsibility Competition – “Best Project” Award (Life Workshop) and “Best Project” Award (Nef’s Accessible Home”

  • World Inclusion Awards – “Best Project” Award (Nef’s Accessible Home) Nef Foundation

  • – “Respect for People” Award (Nef)


  • Nef’s corporate website, employing a user experience (UX) concept for the first time in the industry, is awarded in real estate and construction categories at the 2015 Communicator Awards by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA).

  • Nef wins world’s best project award! A Turk becomes the new star of New York! Nef’s upcoming project in Manhattan, Nef New York wins the “Best Project” award in “Tall Buildings” category at MIPIM Architectural Review Future Projects Awards.


  • With a hundred percent response rate to candidate applications, Nef wins the “Respect for People” award at the 13th iteration of the eponymous awards by, Turkey’s largest human resources platform.

  • Nef stands out among 40 candidates to win the title of “National Champion” at the European Business Awards (EBA) In the ceremony, the award is presented to Erden Timur, Nef Board Member, on behalf of Nef.

  • Nef’s website is awarded the first place in the Real Estate Website category by the jury at the “12th Altın Örümcek Web Awards”, which recognize the best websites in Turkey.

  • At the “Sign of the City Awards” event held by the Hürriyet Newspaper on November 6, 2014 and attended by the leading brands of Turkey as well as high-level bureaucrats, Nef wins “Special Jury Award for Innovation in the Sector” one of the most prestigious awards of the night.


  • With a hundred percent response rate to candidate applications, Nef wins the “Respect for People” award at the 12th iteration of the eponymous awards by, Turkey’s largest human resources platform.

  • Nef wins second place in the “Most Creative Visual” category of the Employers of the Year awards, organized by and Hürriyet İK.

  • The website of Nef Offices Dörtlevent 09, winner of 2012 Turkey’s best office project award, also wins first place through popular vote among other competing projects selected by a panel of experts.


  • Nef Apartments Kemerburgaz 04 project, which began construction in September 2009 and was delivered in September 2011, receives the “Best Residence Award” by ArkiPARC, one of the leading and most prestigious organizations in the sector.

  • Nef Offices Dörtlevent 09 placed first in the “Best Office” category in the Turkey’s Best Real Estate Investments study by Ekonomist, Capital, Maison Française and


  • Nef Offices Dörtlevent 03 wins first place in the “Best Office Building” category in the Turkey’s Best Real Estate Investments study led by Capital and Ekonomist in collaboration with Maison Française and

  • Nef’s advertisement won the Red award at Hurriyet’s annual “Red Best in Press Awards” which recognizes the best advertisements of the year. The advertisement for Nef Kağıthane 11, created by Nef’s advertising agency Büro, won the Red award in the “Best Residence Ad” category.

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