We think of every detail for you. That's why we work with our world famous architects in our projects, we design living areas that will add value to every moment of your life.


Dome + Partners

Dome + Partners

Aiming to construct environmentally-friendly green structures, knowing that design adds value to the building, Dome+Partners Architecture puts its signature on remarkable projects in Turkey and the world. Dome + Partners is now giving a new impulse to the Kâğıthane region with the Nef project. Based in Istanbul Turkey, DOME+PARNERS is an architecture office that focuses on developing projects planned in the finest details from architectural structures to large-scale urban designs. Founded in 1997 by Murat Yılmaz, DOME+PARTNERS has adopted the vision to create a system that is open to different approaches with its coherent and flexible structure



Having emerged with an innovative approach based on the wide experience and expertise of both partners, 'ADDON' continues its activities all around the world by adopting two basic principles. Aiming to provide added value to the relevant areas and projects, and establish a 'network' that reaches large masses, 'ADDON+' undertook the development of several globally-known hotels and shopping centers in addition to Vakko Stores.




Getting inspiration from several different international design firms, and attaching importance to professionalism and perfectionism with regard to customer satisfaction, Lombardini continues its activities as an architecture and engineering company. Lombardini, which conducted projects with several widely-acclaimed companies, such as Armani Hotel Milano, Allianz, ING, and Coca Cola, is now working with Nef for the first time in Turkey.


TAGO Architects

TAGO Architects

TAGO Architecture was founded by Gökhan Aktan Altuğ and Tatsuya Yamamoto in 1995. Providing service in architectural projects, decoration and consultancy fields, the company has put its signature on approximately 300 projects since its foundation. Architecture of NEF Apartments Kemerburgaz 04 project, with its structure that inspires the surrounding areas and its Foldhome units, was designed by TAGO




One of the famous architectural companies that we work with, Autoban, was founded in 2003. Autoban's founders Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Çağlar, who first worked on cafe and restaurant projects, were awarded with Wallpaper Magazine's "Best Young Designer" prize in 2004.

Attending international fairs since 2004, Autoban also attended "100% Design, London" in 2005, and the company was awarded with "The Best Designer" and "Designer Deemed Worthy of Scholarship" prizes by Blueprint Magazine. One of Autoban's 2010 products, Nest was awarded the "Superior Design" prize by Design Turkey. Designed with a unique architectural approach,

Net Flats Levent 163, was among nine projects that contested in final stage under the category of "Future Projects"/"Residential" to which 32 projects in total were included in World Architecture Festival in 2010. The company undertook the interior design projects of many brands such as House Café, Kitchenette and Vakko. The world famous and international award-winning Autoban Architecture and Design Office carried out the interior architecture project of Nef Apartments Kemerburgaz 04, and architectural project of Nef Flats Levent 163.

They also make the interior design of housings and buildings in Nef projects. : NEF 02, NEF 03, NEF 04, NEF 08, NEF 11, NEF 12, NEF 13, NEF 22, NEF 47, NEF 87, NEF İş GYO, NEF Sütlüce SOM




Architectural consulting services of our Nef Kâğıthane 11 and APA Nef projects are provided by HOK, which is one of the leading, most prestigious architectural companies of the world, and has received many international awards for projects carried out since its foundation in 1955.


World famous New Wembley Stadium in London, which was carried out with Foster and Partners, Dali Museum in St. Petersburh, several airports such as Logan Airport in Boston and Bengaluru Airport in India, Millward Brown offices in the US and Four Seasons Hotel in China are among the projects of HOK.


Foster and Partner’s

Foster and Partner's

We work with Foster & Partners company, which is owned by Lord Norman, who is regarded as the most famous architecture in the world, and creator of projects such as Albion Riverside London, HSBC UK Headquarters and Hearst Tower New York.

We work with Foster & Partners company, which is owned by Lord Norman, who is regarded as the most famous architect in the world, and creator of projects such as Albion Riverside London, HSBC UK Headquarters and Hearst Tower New York.


Mimark Architects


Provides a superfine service with accumulative experience in all of the superstructure and substructure and interior decoration projects that it undertook.

Mimark that continues its domestic and international architecture and engineering business, as one of the leading architecture groups in our company, has put its signature on important projects in recent years; it is a young and dynamic architecture company that carries out the architecture of Nef Kağıthane 14.

Strata Architects

Strata Architects

Nef Points 06 is designed by STRATA Architecture&Design, which won the project design contest in which worldwide known architecture offices participated.

Providing professional architecture services, Strata designs projects that create an environment for improving society and its people by using a methodology that is both systematic and flexible.


SPDO Architects


Nef Bahçelievler's architecture firm SPDO Architects has both global and local large-scale projects which has its every detail carefully designed by them.

SPDO Architects, which is operating since 2002, closely follows the latest technology products and designs them uses the local texture of the region as an element of design.

SPDO Architects, with offices in Dubai and projects developed in the Middle East in 2014, continues to sign international new business associations.

SOM Architects


We implemented the Nef 2 Goldenhorn Project with the world-famous SOM. Founded in 1936 and becoming one of the three best architectural companies of the world, SOM is one of the biggest architectural offices in the world, providing service in more than 60 countries with more than 3,000 employees. One World Trade Center, which is regarded as one of the iconic buildings of the world, having been built in place of the Twin Towers in New York; Bruj Khalifa, which is the highest skyscraper in the world and located in Dubai; Chicago Sears Towers and New York Times Warner Center are among the works of SOM.