Another First in the World by Nef: Foldcity

The world is changing with each passing day. Along with it, our ideas, perceptions and habits are also changing. And now, Nef is changing home life as we know it.

Starting from today, the card that opens the door of your house at Nef will also open the doors of Nef projects in 25 different locations across Istanbul. Thanks to Foldhome, a discovery by Nef implemented for the first time in the world, the home life of Nef homeowners will become free and they will start living as if they have houses all over the city. 

From now on, with Foldcity, you will have access to dozens of spaces such as gym, guest house, music studio or meeting room close to where you may be across the city. In other words, you will be able to hold a meeting at one Nef, watch a film in another's movie theater, and stay at another Nef's guest house. You will be able to perform your morning exercise at yet another Nef, close to your workplace. In brief, Foldcity will change your habits regarding home life.

Your Foldcity Card: The Key That Opens All Doors

Using Foldcity is very simple. The card you will receive along with your home will open the doors of all Nefs for you. You will book the space that the you would like to use when you wish, open the door of this space with your card and pay only for the time you use it. It is now so easy to live in 25 different locations across the city.

This is a First in the World.

Airbnb has upended our concept of holiday. UBER has transformed our transportation experience. Now, the discovery of Nef Foldcity will add a new dimension to home life, and will change the world at large, and our world.

Nef Discoveries Change Thousands of Lives

Since its inception, Nef has changed thousands of lives with its patented discoveries. Foldhome folds and adds dozens of different rooms to your home, Foldservice offers services that will make your life easier, and Guaranteed Project secures your investments: And now, Foldcity will also touch upon thousands of lives and introduce a new definition to home life.