Our Processes

Selection Process

In our selection process, we aim to take on board candidates who not only have all of the basic skills required, but who also possess the specialisms required to do the job. The Nef brand is inspired by innovation and design and is a growing brand that intends to become a world leader in its sector. We will prioritize candidates who demonstrate that they are positive, energetic, innovative and dynamic and show that they want to be a success. Happiness is our basic philosophy. When selecting candidates, we want to ensure that they fit in and so we will consider their suitability for the role as much as their experience and education. Our selection process consists of five separate steps.

How To Ensure The Very Best Candidates

A skills development manager will analyse the applications of prospective candidates to determine whether they have the necessary skills and requirements for the role. We will then undertake a telephone or video interview in order to determine your suitability for the role.


We will carry out an online personal assessment of individual applicants in order to understand the way they both think and act, as well as to determine their professional interests.

The interview

If you pass our online assessment, you will be invited for an interview.

The aim of the interview is to find out more about your experience in the relevant field of work and to hear about your previous successes. We will use competency-based interview techniques in order to determine your skills and potential.

Candidates who have demonstrated suitability for the role will be called to interview. The interview will be carried out by the human resources manager and the line manager of the relevant department.


Following the interview, the skills development manager and human resources manager will compare the profiles of all candidates interviewed and will choose the most suitable person for the role.

Checking of References

In line with our standard operating procedures, we will check the references of all candidates.

Our skills development team will get in contact with you in order to obtain the necessary information to carry out the reference checks.

If you are successful following the reference-checking process, you will be offered a role at Nef.