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İnistanbul Konsept

İş GYO and Nef present Inistanbul Konsept, a brand-new living concept being built in Topkapı, one of Istanbul’s historical residential areas.

Get a fresh start at Inistanbul Konsept with its comfortable living standards, easy accessibility, wide-open green spaces, and its unique Foldhome concept, the only one of its kind in the world.
İnistanbul Konsept


With Foldhome, any room that does not fit into a house can be folded and added to your home when you want.

FoldHome Invitation Room

iA special invitation room that you can add to your house whenever you want for crowded.

FoldHome Party & Karaoke Room

iParty and karaoke room, which will be the indispensable location for parties you organize with your friends.

FoldHome Invitation Room

iA special invitation room that you can add to your house whenever you want for crowded.

FoldHome Guest Room

iA comfortable guest room, which you can add to your house when a friend or relative will be staying at your place.

FoldHome Chef's Table

iA kitchen where you can both show your skills to your guests, and present the meals you cook in a stylish environment.

FoldHome Home Theater Room

iA home theater room with a 20-person capacity, with a special sound and video system, where you can enjoy movies with your family or friends.

FoldHome Music Room

iA music room equipped with a piano and drum set, where you can take lessons and play songs with your friends.

FoldHome Special Studio

iA special studio where you can take private courses with your neighbors or one-to-one courses, and you use for your self-improvement activities.

FoldHome Çalışma Odası

iEve iş getirenler veya işini evden bitirmek isteyenler için düşünülmüş rahat bir çalışma odası.

FoldHome Basketball

iA basketball court, where you can play basketball matches with your kids and friends.

FoldHome Soccer

iA mini soccer pitch, where you can play matches with your friends whenever you want.

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