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Nef Points 06

A new start is made for the lives of residents in Kâğıthane, which is Istanbul's fastest growing region in İstanbul. Kâğthane, which rapidly gained popularity with investments made in recent years, is on the verge of becoming the new business center of the European side due to its developing transportation infrastructure and close location to the "Maslak-Levent-Taksim" axis. Nef Points 06 is designed by STRATA Architecture & Design, which won the project design contest in which worldwide known architecture offices participated.  Address: Yahya Kemal Dist. Yusuflar St. Kağıthane/Istanbul

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Nef Points 06


With Foldhome, any room that does not fit into a house can be folded and added to your home when you want.

FoldHome Invitation Room

iA special invitation room that you can add to your house whenever you want for crowded.

FoldHome Party & Karaoke Room

iParty and karaoke room, which will be the indispensable location for parties you organize with your friends.

FoldHome Invitation Room

iA special invitation room that you can add to your house whenever you want for crowded.

FoldHome Guest Room

iA comfortable guest room, which you can add to your house when a friend or relative will be staying at your place.

FoldHome Chef's Table

iA kitchen where you can both show your skills to your guests, and present the meals you cook in a stylish environment.

FoldHome Home Theater Room

iA home theater room with a 20-person capacity, with a special sound and video system, where you can enjoy movies with your family or friends.

FoldHome Music Room

iA music room equipped with a piano and drum set, where you can take lessons and play songs with your friends.

FoldHome Special Studio

iA special studio where you can take private courses with your neighbors or one-to-one courses, and you use for your self-improvement activities.

FoldHome Çalışma Odası

iEve iş getirenler veya işini evden bitirmek isteyenler için düşünülmüş rahat bir çalışma odası.

FoldHome Basketball

iA basketball court, where you can play basketball matches with your kids and friends.

FoldHome Soccer

iA mini soccer pitch, where you can play matches with your friends whenever you want.

Other Nef’s Discoveries

Foldoffice Guaranteed Project Design Series

Strata Architects

Strata Architects

Nef Points 06 is designed by STRATA Architecture&Design, which won the project design contest in which worldwide known architecture offices participated. 

Providing professional architecture services, Strata designs projects that create an environment for improving society and its people by using a methodology that is both systematic and flexible.

LTL Architects

LTL Architects

It was founded by three important designers. Paul Lewis, who gave and is still giving design and architecture lectures at many universities in the United States, has received the Mercedes T. Rome prize in the field of architecture. He is also executive board member of New York Architecture Association.

Marc Tsurumaki gave and is still giving lectures at many universities in the United States. Marc Tsurumaki continues his academic career at Columbia University Faculty of Architecture as an assistant. Louis I. Kahn continues his academic career as a visiting professor. Marc Tsurumaki lent Van Alen Institute its name in 2002 and organized planning and design panels on applied arts at State Council of New York. David J. Lewis is a professor at The New School For Design and also directs Design Workshop Programs. He also gives lectures at Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Limerick and Ohio State University. He is one of the founding members of University of Limerick's School of Architecture in Ireland. He has a wide range of designs in his portfolio varying from Venice Biennial design to Park Tower Design, from special projects for MoMA, to the hippest restaurant design. Foldhome units designed by him are as follows:
·        Mini Basketball Court
·       Mini Football Field
·       Special Studios  
Fitness Room
·       Information Desk and Lobby
·       Corridors

Dror Benshetrit

 Dror Benshetrit

Based in New York, Dror Benshetrit has worked on innovative design projects since 2002. Their design concept focuses on projects with different dimensions and structures and an aspect of depth. Their portfolio consists of product design, architectural projects, interior architecture and art direction fields.

Bentley, Alessi, Bombay Sapphire, Kiehl's, Levi's, Puma and Swarovski are among the brands that they make design for. Foldhome units designed by Dror Benshetrit: ·         Terrace Garden & Barbeque
·         Terrace Hot Tub
·        Sky Observatory
·         Open-air Cinema
·         Outdoor Party Area
·         Building Elevators

Stefan Boublil

Stefan Boublil

He is the founder and creative director of Apartment Creative Agency. Creating giant areas of use from small areas, the globally known Apartment Creative Agency has become recognized all over the world with the many designs it has developed.

He is also the partner of "Meet At The Apartment" and the editorial director of "theaptBROADCAST." One of the designs by Boublil, who also undertook the design works of NYC Residence in New York, for the Net Flats Levent 163 project became one of the nominees of 100% Design, London.
Foldhome units designed by Stefan Boublil:
·        Lobby/Entrance
·         Guest Room
·         Sign Boards

Alper Böler

Alper Böler, who is a product and furniture designer, founded Alper Böler Design in 2008.

His first collection Housework: Design Domesticated was exhibited in 2009 New York Design Week. The works of Böler found their place in prestigious publications such as Wallpaper, Abitare, Interni, I.D., Frame and Surface on international platform. His works are also referred to in books such as Desire, Furnish and Kelvin, which address international designs.  He won the second place prize in "International Young Entrepreneur Competition" that was organized by British Council in 2008 with jury members who consist of international designers and design experts like Ron Arad. In May 2009, he was invited to Parsons the New School of Design in order to give a lecture on the subject of "Culture and Shared Memory in Design." He won the IF Design Award with "Sema Coffee Table," which he designed in 2009. Foldhome units designed by Alper Böler:

  • PlayStation Room 

Nef Points 06Designers & Architects

Foldhome units designed within the "Foldhome" System, which is under Nef's patent; Building Elevators

Dror Benshetrit

Nef Architect

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