Buy One House From Nef, And Get 25 More

The innovative brand of the real estate industry, Nef carries its patented innovation “Foldhome” one step further. Nef customers will now be able to use Nef projects in dozens of different locations across the city with "Foldcity", the latest novelty by Nef, which brings the sharing economy to the real estate industry.

The world is changing with each passing day. Along with it, our ideas, perceptions and habits are also changing. Now, Nef is transforming home life as we know it with its new innovation "Foldcity". Starting from today, the key that opens the door of your house at Nef will also open the doors of Nef projects in 25 different locations across Istanbul. Thanks to Foldcity, an innovation by Nef implemented for the first time in the world, the home life of Nef homeowners will become free and they will start living as if they have houses all over the city. That is, when you buy a house from Nef, you will get 25 more.

A first in the world: Foldcity

A first in the world, Foldcity gives you access to dozens of areas such as guesthouses, offices, cinemas, kids clubs, music studios and gyms across all Nef projects, once you buy a Nef house. Nef thus introduces the concept of "accessible luxury" to the real estate world, and caters to various needs in different locations of the city with this new concept. As such, Foldcity changes all your habits of home life. 

Thanks to Foldcity, you will have access to numerous spaces such as gym, guesthouse, music studio or meeting room close to wherever you may be across the city. In other words, you will be able to hold a meeting at one Nef, watch a film in another's movie theater, and stay at another Nef's guesthouse. You will then get your morning exercise at yet another Nef, close to your workplace. 

Use via the application Nef+

Nef clients will be able to enjoy the “Foldcity” concept with ease via the mobile application Nef +. The only thing you need to access these pre-booked living spaces is the Nef + application. With its “Foldhome” concept where you pay only for the time period you use a house, Nef has long been a part of the sharing economy ecosystem, which has upended the trends in the world with companies such as Uber and Airbnb. Now Nef further reinforces its position in this ecosystem with “Foldcity”. You may download Nef + free-of-charge at both Apple and Android mobile app stores.

Leading the industry in house sales in the last 4 years 

As the only real estate brand to be featured in "Turkey's 100 Most Valuable Brands" list, Nef has become the leader of house sales in the industry in the last four years, and has been designated the most admired company in the industry for 3 years in a row. The company delivered 2 thousand 47 houses in the last year, and has special offers in January for those who want to own a house. In the Nef Çekmeköy project, which will be completed in April 2020, customers can take out loans with a maturity of up to 120 months, at interest rates starting from 0.79%. Those who want to own a house in Nef Bahçelievler, the city's greenest project set to be completed in June 2020, can enjoy a 30% discount in cash payments.