Nef, once again the most-admired property brand

With its plan to innovate and pledge to deliver more than just a “house” to its customers, Nef is once more the most-admired company in the sector.

Nef, which stands out in the sector thanks to half of its properties being sold from “customer recommendations”, was chosen again as the “Most-admired Company in the Sector”. Yesterday, at an award ceremony hosted by one of the most prestigious surveys in the business world, “The Business World’s Most Admired Companies”, Nef was chosen for the third time as the most-admired property brand in the “Construction/Property” category.

With the improvements it has brought to the real estate sector, its design-focused mentality and innovation from day one, Nef has characterised the dynamics of the sector, and its success and praise continues. Protecting its title of Turkey’s fastest growing and highest selling property company in 2017, Nef broke its own record with 1,950 property sales and a 1.5 billion TL turnover, helping it win “The Sector’s Most-admired Company” award in the survey conducted by Capital magazine. Nef, which has protected its leadership in the sector since 2014, has now secured the title three times in the “Construction/Property” category in what can be considered as one of business world’s most prestigious surveys.

“Our founding principle is to be useful to society.”

Chairman of the Board, Erden Timur, emphasised that Nef’s true aim is to “explain the social company model to the world”, and said: “our founding principle is to be useful to society and to play a role in spreading the social company model across the world. ‘Nef’ actually comes from ‘nefis’, which in Turkish means ‘breath’. Life begins with a first breath and ends with a last breath. From the day we were established, we pledged to make people happy and to make dreams come true. We are continuing to give life, not just to structures, but to lifestyles and development.”

Aiming for two billion turnover Erden Timur, who believes Nef is sector leader thanks to its performance since 2014, said: “we are the fastest growing company in the sector and the one with the most sales. We improve on this each year. We broke our own record last week with 1,950 property sales and a turnover of 1.5 billion TL. Nef has become the sector leader within four years, and its success continues. With a 120-million-dollar co-investment with the company Nef EBRD Real Estate Development Inc., we have started to develop modern real estate projects in Turkey, which can withstand earthquakes and are energy efficient. With this contract, EBRD entered the real estate sector in Turkey for the first time. Nef Camiltepe, the first of the projects in Cekmeköy carried out in partnership with FIBA, broke the record, with a total of 497 property sales in two days. We have had a very successful start to 2018. Turnover for the first four months of 2017 was 450 million TL, and we have managed to increase that by 66% to 745 million TL in 2018. Our aim is to turnover two billion TL by the end of the year.”