Nef continues with its property completions in 2019

Over the past four years, Nef has completed more than 18 projects and 6,000 properties, and this success continues into 2019. Nef, which completed its Nef 22 Ataköy, Nef 39 Seyrantepe and Nef 25 Şişli projects at the start of 2019, has just begun the Inistanbul Topkapi project, in partnership with IS GYO, working on 404 properties. Recently selected as the sector’s “Most Valued Brand”, Nef completed 1,856 properties in 2017 and 2,425 properties in 2018. After completing more than 6,000 properties in the last four years, homes and shops at Nef 22 Ataköy, Nef 39 Seyrantepe and Nef 25 were handed over to their new owners at the start of this year.

Nef, which has started to hand over properties in the third stage of the Inistanbul Topkapi project, alongside IS GYO, aims to complete the final stage of this project, as well as the Nef Sancaktepe and Nef Yallikavak projects, by the end of the year. The Inistanbul Topkapi project, which comprises 2,000 properties, is directly opposite Yildiz Teknik University’s Davutpasa campus and only 100 metres from the Davutpasa metro station. In the Gala and Lokal phases of the project, 1,707 apartments have so far been handed over to their new owners. The project comprises four phases and a total of 2,698 apartments, and in the past few days the 404 properties of the Hayat stage have started to be transferred to their owners.

Once all homes in the Hayat stage have been handed over, Inistanbul Topkapi will have supplied more than 2,000 properties. The average occupancy is at over 90%, and in the six months following completion, this is set to rise even further. Nef Executive Board member, Selçuk Çelik, stated: “this high occupancy rate is thanks to Nef’s brand perception, the location of the projects, the architectural design and our patented innovation: the Foldhome concept. Thanks to the Foldhome concept, residents can enjoy 24 personalised areas, such as a music room, gym, games room or cinema, without having to pay subscription fees; they simply pay for the time they use them. For example, owners and tenants at Nef projects can take their three-bedroom property and, by using the basketball court, cinema, and guest room, turn it into a six-bedroom property whenever they like.

” Selçuk Çelik also explained that a survey carried out by an independent research company found that the customer satisfaction rate was 91% on average. The “Most Influential” and the “Most Valuable” real estate brand, Nef, has also been named as “The Brand with the Largest Increase in Influence” by Marketing Turkiye and “The Most Valuable Real Estate Brand” by Brand Finance. More recently, international credit rating agency JCR gave Nef an A+ credit score, along with the “ability to make high-level investments”. Moreover, the company has increased its paid-up capital to 407 million TL, and the company’s funds have reached one billion TL.