Nef breathes new life into the industry

In a recent statement, Erden Timur, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nef, stated that recent real estate campaigns highly stimulated the industry and added: "We at Nef have achieved a sales figure of TRY 254 million in the last 16 days. Our turnover in the period between January 1 and June 15 exceeds TRY 610 million."

The recent impetus in the real estate industry is evidenced in the sales figures of branded housing producers. According to Erden Timur, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nef, consumers who have delayed requests due to the Covid-19 pandemic have rapidly brought their plans forward, given the many opportunities including interest subsidy and a 12-month period of no payment. He continued his remarks as follows: "As part of a campaign to support housing, purchasers of new houses will enjoy a maximum 12-month period of no payment and a monthly interest rate of 0.64% over a 15-year maturity. The campaign has breathed new life into the industry. Above everything, we need to thank the economy administration. The real estate industry is a major driver of Turkish economy and is a significant line of business that fosters nearly 200 sub-industries. Some say that the golden age of the real estate industry activities was three to four years ago but the present era has gone further beyond. We at Nef only have achieved a sales figure of TRY 254 million in 16 days, selling 202 units. Compared to last year, it's clear how vibrant the current period is."

With the recent spur of activities, Mr. Timur said, they achieved a turnover of TRY 610 million between January 1 and June 15, adding: "We actually expected a TRY 1 billion turnover this year. However, given the current figures, we will revise the targets upward."

Selçuk Çelik, Executive Committee Member of Nef, pointed out the massive investment they have channeled into digital marketing in recent years and that they reaped the fruits during the pandemic. His remarks were as follows: "Right now, Nef customers make video calls on Nef Online and access every detail of projects on their phones, tablets and computers with no extra app downloads. They also check out the plans of apartments, take a virtual tour of "Foldhome" units which allow exploration of sample Nef apartments and arrange a customized payment plan with a sales advisor. Customers can also pay safely on Nef Online and purchase a house instantly. In contrast with ready-made video conference platforms, Nef Online was customized for Nef and stands out as the safest and most comprehensive digital sales office in the real estate industry. We have made more than 900 digital presentations on Nef Online for two months between mid-March and mid-May and achieved TRY 52 million sales turnover."

Foldhome boosted interest in Nef projects

According to Erden Timur, the pandemic has led to dramatic changes in customers' expectations: "With the arrival of the new normal, we observe increasing demands in detached houses with gardens and wide balconies allowing easier social distancing and more outdoor space. With telecommuting on the rise and a decline in especially trips abroad, holiday destinations like Bodrum enjoy renewed popularity. As COVID-19 impacts income levels, new customer needs generate innovation. Indeed, our Foldhome concept in Nef projects includes many elements that respond to new needs in the new normal such as the rules of a life culture with social distancing. All of these have contributed significantly to our rapid sales achievement." 

We estimate 5 percent growth in sales at the year end
Pointing out that Nef Bahçelievler and Nef Sancaktepe projects were involved in the said campaign, Timur added: "Needless to say, especially properties available with a TRY 750 thousand loan are sold faster in this period. This also had a stimulating spillover effect in the general market. If we keep the current momentum, we might make up for the housing sales loss in April and May and might reach at least more than 5 percent year-over-year growth at the end of the year. 

We will deliver 2 thousand houses
On top of this sales performance, we are planning 2020 as a "delivery year", Erden Timur said, and we are firmly advancing on that path despite the pandemic. His remarks continued as follows: "During the pandemic, we did experience a certain level of slowdown with disruptions in suppliers' deliveries but we by no means came to a halt.  Of course, the said process did impact our schedule a little bit but now we have started deliveries in Nef Sancaktepe, Nef Çekmeköy, Nef Reserve Yalıkavak and İnistanbul Konsept projects. We are currently delivering nearly 2 thousand houses at the same time. Besides, we are planning to start gradual deliveries in Nef Bahçelievler in October 2020. Consequently, we will have delivered more than 8 thousand apartments in five years." 

We will build houses and student residencies in Anatolia 
Erden Timur, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nef, indicated that Nef has long begun diversifying investments in the real estate industry and added: "Our 1000-bed student residency in Novu Merter has been active for four years now. There are more than 1 million university students in Istanbul. We believe in investments in student residencies and we are working on two new Novu residencies in Sütlüce and Kağıthane. Aside from Istanbul, Anatolian cities also show a great potential and we are looking into possibilities there. We are about to launch student residency and housing projects in Eskişehir, Yalova, Kocaeli and Sakarya. We aim to establish the Novu student residency brand in 10 cities by 2023." 

We've sold 54 thousand square meters of land in 3 months

Erden Timur stated that last year, Nef City 82 by Nef began developing lands suitable for housing that bordered the Hirfanlı Dam in Kaman, Kırşehir. His statement continued as follows: "We've sold 54 thousand square meters of land in 3 months. The buyers are mostly tradesmen or professionals coming from big cities like Istanbul. We will make huge investments in this area. Right now we have lands in the Aegean region and in the environs of Izmir. We are also planning for locations near Istanbul. As you know, 90 percent of land investments in our country are made in lands with no zoning permit, with no idea what shape the area will take place, whether it will be used for road building.  What we do is sell lands with a master plan first and foremost, its design complete, suitable for housing. This latter element is highly important for urbanization and brings no public infrastructure costs. If the customer so wishes, we build mobile or conventional type houses upon the land that they have purchased." 

Nef Foundation continues fight against the pandemic
Shortly after the outbreak of the pandemic, Erden Timur said, the Nef Foundation came up with an Action Plan to Fight Against the Pandemic: "We set up a Nef Foundation Project Advisory Board and Executive Board.  We manufactured face visors, intubation cabins, sample collection cabins, disinfection stations, antibacterial gowns and aprons. We supplied more than 1,5 million products to more than 600 hospitals across 82 provinces. In partnership with Needs Map, Nef Foundation also launched 'BirlikteKart' (CardTogether). The intention is to bring hope to low-income families during the pandemic, fulfilling at least some of their needs. The 'BirlikteKart' works for food, hygiene and pharmaceutical product purchases in all businesses with a POS device. The first 10 thousand 'BirlikteKart' units will be donated by Nef."