Nef launches "kindness movement"

Founded on the principle of using 51 percent of its distributable profit for social benefit, Nef celebrates its 10th anniversary with a kindness movement. Nef Foundation Chairman Erden Timur said, “We are after stories of kindness. We want them to be told, shared and people to be inspired by them.” 

Founded 10 years ago with the philosophy of being a social company, Nef kicks off 2020 with a kindness movement. Using at least 51 percent of its distributable profit for social benefit since its foundation, Nef has positioned itself as a community-owned company and is committed to championing stories of kindness in the coming period.  

Nef Executive Board Member and Nef Foundation Chairman Erden Timur said, “When establishing this company, we adopted the principle of focusing on social benefits. Now, we aim to go above and beyond this commitment for our 10th anniversary.” 

“Whoever takes the majority of the profit is the boss. So, by giving the majority of distributable profit back to the community, we have created a community-owned company. We are engaged in projects focusing on education, youth, women and urbanization through the Nef Foundation that we established to deliver on this promise,” he added. Stating that they had provided scholarships to 7,600 students in a period of five years, Timur said, “We have been working closely with the Social Services Institution for eight years. With Hay Atölye, women, children and disabled citizens who experience difficulties in life have always been our focus. We have learned from experience that what we have is what we give, not what we keep to ourselves. In each story, we had the chance to see that once again.”  

Going After Stories Of Kindness
Timur also said, “Unfortunately, both in the corporate world and our personal lives, an act of kindness is often limited to providing monetary support. However, we are going after stories of kindness. We wanted these to be told, shared and people to be inspired by them. With this in mind, we have launched a kindness movement. The first platform of this movement is NTV; many stories that give hope and inspiration and make a difference will air on this channel, making it possible for reaching a much wider audience. In Stories of Kindness, acts of kindness all around Turkey will be shared and all of Turkey will get to meet the heroes in these stories. In doing so, we aim to show and see for ourselves how contagious kindness is. Because we believe that even the smallest of selfless deeds can transform communities, humanity and the world.” 

Noting that the 'kindness movement' will not be limited to the program, Erden Timur stated, “We will further our efforts to champion stories of kindness. We will launch these projects on other platforms with NGOs as well.”