"Nef Online" digital sales office by Nef is now available

Ever more prevalent in the retail industry with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, digital transformation is also making an impact in the real estate industry. 
With novelties such as "Foldhome" and "Guaranteed Projects", 
Nef has launched "Nef Online" for all of its customers.

Right now, Nef customers make video calls on Nef Online and access every detail of projects on their phones, tablets and computers with no extra app downloads. They also check out the plans of apartments, take a virtual tour of "Foldhome" units which allow exploration of sample Nef apartments and arrange a customized payment plan with a sales advisor. Customers can also pay safely on Nef Online and purchase a house instantly.

Real estate is one of the dozens of industries impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Though construction activities continue in full swing, there are significant changes in housing purchasing choices in Turkey as well as sales processes in real estate companies. Real estate companies now use digital channels to reach out to customers staying at home, introducing dozens of technologies in our lives.  

Chief among these companies is Nef, the innovative real estate brand that pioneers housing sales in Turkey. Having delivered more than 6 thousand houses in 18 projects in the last 4 years, the company has now launched "Nef Online" on https://online.nef.com.tr, the digital sales office available to customers who stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Hence the company has completely transfered the sales office experience online, offering all sales process functions safely to customers on a customized digital platform. In addition to audio and video call options for customers, Nef Online's virtual project tours take you on what feels like a tour in the house you're interested in.   

Video calls, virtual tour, payment plan wizard, online payment functions
During video calls on Nef Online, Nef customers access every detail of projects, examine the projects and apartment plans in video presentations, take a virtual tour of "Foldhome" units which allow exploration of sample Nef apartments and arrange a customized payment plan with a sales advisor. They may also pay on Nef Online and purchase a Nef house instantly. Nef Online offers a unique experience to visitors with video calls, audio calls, project presentations, video gallery, virtual project tours, sample apartment tours, "Foldhome" tours, apartment plans, customized payment plans and online payment functions.
Nef Online is accessible on computers, tablets and mobile phones with no need to download an app. Designed both for desktop and mobile devices, the digital sales office Nef Online is compatible with all common web browsers. In contrast with ready-made video conference platforms, Nef Online was customized for Nef and stands out as the safest and most comprehensive digital sales office in the real estate industry.

Safe digital platform custom-made for Nef
With an eye to introducing projects to customers easier and more effectively with Nef Online, Nef continues to be a trendsetter in digital transformation just like in other areas.   Just a while ago, Nef completely revamped their website and launched "Foldcity" on Nef+ mobile app to allow customers the convenience to reserve any Nef project available. In a recent statement, Selçuk Çelik, Executive Committee Member of Nef, said: "Having tested the digital sales office with current customers for nearly 3 weeks now, we have launched it for all visitors today. If they so wish, customers may schedule an appointment now or at a later time on Nef Online. With no need to show up in sales offices, they can make a video call with our authorized sales advisors and access all sorts of details and even work with the advisors personally to arrange a customized payment plan. Customers will enjoy safe access to Nef Online on their computers, tablets and mobile phones without downloading an app. Due to recent security gaps and data leaks on current video conference platforms, we have decided not to use a ready-made program but instead developed a safe, custom-made digital platform for Nef, equipped with the necessary security infrastructure."