Nef represents Turkey in ten cities worldwide

To open the door to international investment opportunities, we went worldwide in January 2018 with Nef Global.

Nef Global, which has had 62 different partnership offers since being established three months ago, is aiming to be a global player in development projects in cities such as New York, London and Berlin. Nef Global’s first project will begin in Brentford, London. The company, which has also signed a deal in Brooklyn, USA, hopes to be in ten cities by 2023. Chairman of the Board, Erden Timur, stated in a press conference at the British Consulate that with Nef Global, we are stepping closer to becoming a world brand in real estate. Timur said: “we realised there was no international brand in this sector and questioned whether we could aspire to become this. We wanted to break new ground. In January, the three founders of Nef Global sat down with 62 different companies abroad. That figure is now over 200. Our aim is to be in ten cities by 2023.” Timur, who calls what they do an exportation of ideas, said: “we go into these partnerships with only our intellectual property and patents, no resources whatsoever, and there is nothing imported. Our aim is to ensure foreign exchange inflow in our country, with a completely domestic idea. For the most part, we offer the Nef branded Foldhome concept to projects to be sold abroad, and we bring foreign currency to our country with a sustainable model. This exported, patented Foldhome concept has received a lot of interest in Turkey. Thanks to this concept, when you buy a home, you are actually buying a house with multiple rooms. You can benefit from the reservation system for numerous rooms in the building, from the private cinema to a guest room that can be used for hosting. If you don’t want to get your own kitchen dirty, then simply make use of the fully equipped kitchen area, or when you fancy playing the piano or drums, wander down to the recording studio or one of the many other different units available.”

As part of the London project, Nef building work is being carried out by Select Developments. Co-founder of this company, Sanjay Dhir, said: “we will have partnerships, not only in property, but also in Nef’s other areas of expertise, such as student housing. When we first heard of the Foldhome concept, we were envious and wondered why we hadn’t thought of this before. It’s a very innovative idea.” On Nef Brentford London, General Manager of Nef Global, Kahraman Yiğit, said: “we will have one block in the three-block project. The project’s apartment prices start at 380,000 GBP and transfers will begin in April 2019.”