A Nef-Tastic Season

Nef scored three out of three with its sponsorship of Galatasaray, FC Barcelona and Karaçay Youth. The three teams, strengthened by Nef’s sponsorship, ended their seasons as champions. Nef has attracted attention with its sports sponsorships, supporting Turkey’s social development and recognition aboard, and it has had a historical season. The main sponsor of Galatasaray since 2016, Nef also signed a sponsorship with one of the world’s most prominent clubs, FC Barcelona. In addition, Nef sponsors the Karaçay Youth Sports Club, which was named as the “Team of Hope” on 23 April last year.


The championship titles came one after the other for Nef’s three teams. First, both the first and U-19 teams of the Karaçay Youth Sports Club, which was established by young people in 2011 to deter children and young adults from harmful habits such as drugs, and to raise a healthy and educated generation, had success in the regional league following Nef’s sponsorship. The championship wins made history for Karaçay Youth. Following this, FC Barcelona secured their championship title three weeks before the end of the league in Spain, celebrating their 26th league win. Finally, Galatasaray, who beat Medipol Baskasehir Football Club 2-1, secured their 22nd championship title in Turkey one week before the season ended.


Nef’s Assistant General Marketing Director, Selçuk Çelik, who takes part in sponsorship reviews, highlighted that these sponsorships support both Turkey’s development and its recognition across the world. He said: “This season really was an unforgettable one for us. Both Galatasaray and FC Barcelona achieved championship titles in their own leagues. We would like to wholeheartedly congratulate them for their success this season. As well as this, the success of the Karaçay Youth Sports Club, in Osmaniye, whose sponsorship was announced on 23 April 2018, is a source of pride for every one of us. Karaçay’s success story is an inspiration to young people in Turkey and the entire country. We truly believe that these partnerships, and sport, will strengthen the sense of unity in our country.”