Nef Foundation

We made a promise to ourselves when founding Nef;

We would bring a new breath to every person we touch...

In line with this founding philosophy, Nef set out with the goal of creating work as indispensable as a breath of air, with social responsibility and social benefit as our reasons for existence. With this new company model based on social awareness, we positioned social responsibility as the main activity of Nef, which was established to become a 'social company'.

Since its inception, Nef invested more than 90% of its distributable profit on social responsibility projects. In the last 11 years, Erden Timur, under the Nef brand, placed multiple times in the "Turkey's Top Philanthropists" list, ranking 21st in 2012, 12th in 2013, and 14th in 2014.

For the years ahead, Nef will continue to take firm steps towards creating new and original social responsibility projects and becoming a model social company. Our goal is to spread the social company model across Turkey. Our greatest supporter as we run towards this goal is our ever-growing family who strive to do better with each passing day, drawing strength from our founding philosophy.

Foundation Identity

Operating under the Nef umbrella, we begun working to raise awareness and make a difference in the lives we touch by creating unique, innovative and lasting value in order to develop social potential and convey social responsibility awareness to future generations.
Knowing that our commitment to share the burden of others and to add value to lives necessitates action rather than words, we transformed into a foundation in 2015, and began to attract volunteers who would like to accompany us on this journey. We believe that, what we have is what we give, not what we keep to ourselves. And we are only as wealthy as the things we share, not the things we have...

Our Reason for Existence;

Sharing the burden of others, adding value to lives...

Our Values

Dedicated, sensitive

Confident in its Essence

Sharing the burden


Indiscriminating in service

Embracing timeless ethical values

In search of the better

Adding meaning