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Discover Personal Use Areas with Foldhome

Discover Personal Use Areas with Foldhome

With Fold Home, a Nef discovery, spaces that you dream of but cannot fit into a home are added to your home whenever you wish.

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Nef privileges begin the moment you step through the door of your home. From the chandelier in the living room to the doorknob, there are touches of world-renowned designers in every corner of your new home. Nef distinguishes itself from all other projects with the importance it attaches to design. With the concept of “Foldhome” and “Foldoffice”, a patented discovery of the nave, and the designers it works with on their projects, Nef aims to make design a lifestyle, not a luxury for everyone.


Foldhome is being implemented in Nef projects for the first time in the world. Nef explains that the main purpose of Foldhome is "to ensure that all rooms that cannot fit in a house are folded into the house". One of the most important features of Foldhome, which is completely different from the usual social facilities and consists of personal use areas, is the "pay-as-you-go" system. With the "pay-as-you-go" system, no fee is charged from you for an area you do not use, or no fee is added to your subscription. You can use Foldhome units, which you can use with personalized cards, as a private area of ​​your home with your friends.



  • The Foldhome system, which creates different rooms that cannot fit inside a house or even cover the social facilities of conventional sites, is an architectural approach that offers the features that a 5,000 m² place can have.
  • Foldhome, a Nef discovery, is implemented by Nef for the first time in Turkey and in the world.
  • The Turkish patent of Foldhome belongs to Nef, and an application has been made to the World Intellectual Property Organization in Switzerland for its international patent.
  • The primary purpose of Foldhome is to ensure that all rooms that will not fit in your home are folded and included in your home. Thus, you can add the room you want to your home whenever you want and remove it whenever you want.
  • One of the essential features of Foldhome, which consists of personal areas of use, is the "Pay-For-Use" system. In other words, no separate fee is charged from the apartments for unused space, or it is not added to the subscription fee.
  • Fold home rooms, which can be used with personalized cards to be distributed to the residents of the flats, are accessed with the "Pay Use" system, and the residents can use the rooms as their private spaces.
  • Fold-home units are designed specifically for the project by analyzing the expectations and needs of each target group in each project.


Liberate Home Life

The world is changing every day. Our ideas, perceptions, and habits also evolve with the world. And now, with Nef, the home life we know until today is also changing. 

Now, the card that unlocks the key to your house in Nef will open the doors of Nef projects all over Istanbul. Thanks to the Nef discovery Foldcity, implemented for the first time in the world, the home life of Nef owners will be liberated, and they will begin to live as if they have a house in dozens of different parts of the city. 

With Foldcity, a gym, guest house, music studio, meeting room, and dozens of other areas close to where you are in the city will be a part of your home whenever you wish. In other words, you can hold your meeting in one Nef, watch your movie in the movie theater of another, and enjoy your morning sports in another Nef close to your workplace while staying at another Nef's guest house. In short, all your habits about home life will change with Felicity. 


Discover Natural Habitats with Foldvillage

In the Nef and Nef Arsa projects, everyone's dreams of peaceful, calm, and nature-integrated life come together with thoughtful ideas thanks to Foldvillage. 

Foldvillage, a Nef discovery like Foldhome, adds thoughtful spaces and services to the living rooms in nature that will enrich life here. Dozens of areas, from open-air cinemas to children's playgrounds, from the garden where you can grow your fruit and vegetables to sports fields, are becoming a part of natural life.