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Nef Ormantepe

Everything that adds to the value of your home, from the city's critical educational institutions to hospitals, from transportation networks to shopping centers, is right next to Nef Ormantepe.

Designed according to different needs and expectations, Nef Çekmeköy; Nef Çamlıtepe brings together three various concept projects, Nef Ormantepe and Nef Koruköy, in an everyday and single life. The project, signed by Selin Maner Architects and VIVA Architects, offers life in greenery.


Located on an area of 239,500 m², Nef Çekmeköy, There are a total of 1,600 flats and 38 stores in types ranging from 1+1 to 4+1 in the Çamlıtepe and Koruköy stages, and from 1+1 to 2+1 in the Ormantepe stage.

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Nef Ormantepe Foldhome

Areas that cannot fit in a house are added to your home at any time with Foldhome, Nef's patented discovery.

With Foldhome's "Pay-For-Use" system, which is implemented for the first time in Nef projects worldwide, no fee is charged for an unused area or is not reflected in the dues. In addition, thanks to the Fold home units, which consist of personal use areas, dozens of sites, from the guest room to the movie theater, are added to your home whenever you want.

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Nef Ormantepe is right next to the Şile Highway, Northern Marmara Motorway connections, and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge connection road and is only 5 minutes away from the Taşdelen metro line, which is planned to be implemented very soon. (It was said to be launched in 2019, it hasn't been released yet, so we used the phrase very more quickly) — this note was already in place when the content came to Hype; it may need to be reviewed by you.

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