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Nef Meram

Nef Meram; A Life Enriched with Fine Ideas

Nef life comes to Meram with its unique view from the valley and the nature where you will be refreshed with every breath you take, at a unique point overlooking Konya.


Nef Meram has been designed with a project area of 106.000 m² for you to enjoy the unique city view in nature.

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Social Area
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The project consists of modern and functional villas where everyone can find answers to their needs; there are units in different sizes, from 3+1 to 6+1. In addition, Nef Meram, which benefits from the topography in every area, enables you to create a unique world in your home where you will be alone with your family.

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Nef Meram, located in Meram, the developing new and famous district of Konya, is situated in a position overlooking the city. In the project, where most residences are directed to the panoramic city view, the living spaces have a unique city view in every aspect.

Located 25 minutes from the center of Konya, Nef Meram is within easy reach of the city center and the critical surrounding areas.


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Nef, with its unique location at the top of the city, its unique city view and living spaces where all the details of your life are thought out, is in Konya Meram very soon.

A life in Meram where you can make every moment you breathe valuable with its different sizes of housing types, living spaces where you can have a pleasant time with your family, social areas that respond to your needs, and the nature that will stop the time await you in Meram.

Fill out the form to say hello to a new life full of privileges and we will call you right away.

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